City Line

Line I under construction - Canoas, Brazil

  • Location

    The City of Canoas

  • Contracting Party

    Canoas City Hall

  • Type of

    Public Line for Commercial Operation

  • Transport capacity

    Six vehicles, carrying 300 passengers each

  • Status

    Under implementation

Solution for fast transit

The first application of the Aeromovel System for urban traffic is a project in the city of Canoas, metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, serving as an important complement in conjunction with other transport modes. While the Aeromovel travels to/from a north-south direction, it complements the metropolitan train, which runs to/from an east-west direction. Once completed, it will become the city's main means of transport. Contracted in 2015, the System is part of a larger plan to reformulate traffic in Canoas.

With the implementation of this technology, there will be considerable reduction in travel time between the Guajuviras and City Centre districts, taking only nine minutes. Currently, this same route, by bus, takes up to 40 minutes during peak hours.

Line route

The Canoas Aeromovel foresees an itinerary that, in all, will run along 18 kilometers of lines, passing through 24 stations. The expected capacity is for up to 12,000 passengers per hour at peak hour and 82,000 per day.

The project includes the construction of two major lines: the East-West Line with 12 kilometers and 17 stations. The North-Center Line, in turn, will connect The Lutheran University of Brasil (Ulbra) to the city centre, with 9 stations and 6 kilometers in length.

The first route, under construction, measures 4.6 kilometers and will include seven stations, from the Military Brigade, on Avenida 17 de Abril, in the Guajuviras district, to the Mathias Velho train station.

Line Specs

Line length: 4,6km
Minimum radius 40m
Maximum elevation: 3%
Capacity: 6 vehicles/300 passengers each
Maximum Speed: 65km/h
Propulsion: 6 propellers of 500 kW
Rail configuration: Double track
Number of stations 7

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