Frequent doubts

Frequently asked questions about the Aeromovel and how it works.

What is the Aeromovel?

Aeromovel is a fully automated means of transport (without on-board drivers) that uses a high-tech propulsion system. Applicable in several situations, the System is designed to solve urban problems. In midst of the city chaos with intense traffic, the Aeromovel occupies reduced space. The technology was developed in Brazil and shows excellent application in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, where it has been running for 27 years, as well as in Porto Alegre, with the Shuttle Line between the airport and the metropolitan train terminal.

Where is it possible to implement the Aeromovel System?

Aeromovel meets from demands of mass urban transit to smaller systems, such as those in a loop configuration and airport shuttle. Because of its peculiar characteristics, the Aeromovel allows varied applicabilities. The elevated guideway, for instance, avoids the city chaos, since it runs over congested avenues, without taking up too much space on the ground. The basic applications offered by the Aeromovel vary from connecting lines in parking lots and shopping malls, for example, up to areas divided by highways and rail systems, university campuses, factory facilities. The System can also be implemented in tourist areas such as parks, as is the case in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What benefits does it provide?

Among the advantages, we can highlight: reduction of noise pollution, safety and reliability, impossibility of collision between vehicles due to air compression inside the propulsion duct, maximum passenger comfort, no emission of pollutants, reduced ground occupation, low vehicle weight, low implementation and maintenance costs. And more: fast implementation, smooth movement, little need for maintenance when compared to conventional systems, low urban impact, as well as an increase in speed and consequent reduction of travel times and costs.

Does the Aeromovel replace other means of transport?

Aeromovel is a public transport alternative that integrates and optimizes other transport modes. The dense urban network of major cities demands mobility alternatives that complement existing solutions with the least possible impact. Aeromovel raises the use of other means of transport, or it can serve as the main structuring transport mode in small and medium-sized cities.

What type of technology is used in the Aeromovel?

Aeromovel is powered by air propulsion. A domestically designed technology, unique and exclusive, patented and recognized in several countries around the world: United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, and France, among others. Its movement is produced by the impulse generated by the compression of the atmospheric air, as a result of the action of high energy efficiency and low power industrial fans that, from the ground, send the air through the interior of the elevated guideway.

What are Automated People Movers (APMs)?

Automated People Movers are a set of transport technologies that operate under relatively light vehicles of small to medium capacity, with fully automated operation (no on-board drivers), on exclusive track and high-frequency traffic. Their ultimate purpose is to make origin-destination type connections. The technology has the potential to solve problems with traffic jams, to reduce the flow in lanes and on curbs with boarding and exiting, to open the airport to the conception of urban centers with the addition of buildings and offices, hotels and spaces for shops, all integrated to the System. Currently, there are about one hundred APM Systems in operation around the world and another fifty in the implementation phase.

Is the Aeromovel safe?

Yes, because the very principle of its operation guarantees the impossibility of two vehicles traveling in the same stretch. This is due to the compression of air between the vehicles inside the propulsion duct. The system also offers safety against derailment and tipping, since the vehicles are anchored to the structure of the raised track. In addition, the vehicles also have emergency exits to the road at both ends or, optionally, exits via the boarding and exit doors on the sides, through emergency walkways. The stations also have platform doors and generators guarantee operation even in case of power shortage. The Aeromovel has been designed to work with conventional devices of proven industrial use that are exclusively manufactured in the domestic market, so there is no problem of replacement of parts or high maintenance costs.