Global Partners

The operational and performance standard of Aeromovel Technology also results from the global qualification of partners and suppliers linked to the productive chain of its main components. These are the elements that guarantee the reliability and sturdiness to the System, along with low maintenance costs of vehicles, systems and physical structures, as in the case of Brazilian companies Randon (chassis and rolling stock) and Marcopolo (bodywork), and German Siemens (electrical, electronic and communication systems).

Projects on a Global Scale

The potential for expansion of Aeromovel Technology on a global scale can be verified by the expressions of interest from a group of cities from Brazil, and countries like Argentina, Colombia, Unites States, Germany, South Africa, China and Indonesia (expansion).

They are all urban centers with large-scale mobility requirements, which are seeking transport alternatives integrated with other modalities. Above all, they aim at ensuring the movement of people through an efficient, comfortable, safe and sustainable system.

To face these challenges, Aeromovel, together with global partners, offers technological solutions tailored to local peculiarities. The objective is to become integrated to the cities’ mobility projects, aiming at improving people’s quality of life.